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Hotel Room




FDA approved


Niagara CycloPad

3D CycloPad

Now Get The Circulation Going

Medically Approve Solution 

Simple Solution to Body Circulation

Niagara therapy at home

We understand you. Being ensconced in a hotel room, however large, can be difficult. We can help. With Niagara Cyclopad, You can relax on your  chair or bed and let Niagara take care of the circulation. Use the three modes to maximize your benefit:

  1. Standard Mode to start the day

  2. Cyclo Message for a more gentle effect

  3. Tranquissage for final relaxation.

In addition use the CycloPad for your joint pain treatment. The built-in HeatPad can keep you warm during the session. The product is clinically proven and has certifications by several regulatory organizations like FDA, CE, HSA etc. 

Blood flow improvement after treatment

Doppler scan of foot showing increase in blood flow after treatment by Niagara.

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How it works

The Niagara Cyclopad works by gently massaging the tissues in 3D Cyclical motion without any traumatic side effects. This deep penetrating massage helps in circulation. It will also treat  musculo-skeletal joint pain 

What is Niagara and how does it work?

Why Niagara is effective

The Niagara Cyclo-Massage units (pad and handheld) have a 3D suspension in a circular movement. This type of suspension can help massaging action penetrate gently and deeply into the body. 

This is different from  generic massage devices that mainly have a hammering movement.

See how the contents move in circular motion when in contact with a Niagara hand unit. Niagara treats in a gentle way without muscle trauma. 

CVT technology

When administering massage treatment, it is important that you do not traumatize the tissue to cause damage. Niagara's CVT technology achieves a gentle but effective treatment by cycloid vibration. See the images below of Niagara's vibration pattern.

Niagara CVT vs generic massage pad vibration graph

Niagara vibration

Niagara CVT vs generic massage pad vibration graph

Generic  massagers

hear from nIAGARA USERS

Work from home: Hear from B K Sinha, Singapore on how he benefitted from Niagara

Sports application: listen to Michael Braun, Australian football star about his experience with Niagara.

Common questions:

Q: Safety: Is Niagara treatment safe?

A: Niagara is a medical product, duly certified by FDA USA and HSA Singapore. These certificates are issued after thorough safety evaluation by government bodies. This is to assure the user the product is safe for human use.

Q: What Therapies are approved?: What are the conditions Niagara is approved to treat?

A: Niagara CVT products are approved to treat musculo-skeletal pain, to improve joint mobilization & local area blood flow, and to treat chronic edema. Shoulder pain conditions typically fall under musculo-skeletal pains and joint mobilisation.

Q: Why this will work for me? I have tried many therapies and still not been able to get rid of my shoulder pain. Why will Niagara work?

A: That's why we refer you to scientific literature and other user testimonials who have benefitted. You can try the product without any obligations before you buy. Just fill this form here.  

Q: Short term use: Is there a way I can use the product for a limited time and return it?

A: Yes. We have rental arrangements as well. Please send us a request by filling this form

Q: Which product?: It seems you have two products. Which one is suitable to treat shoulder pain?

A: Since shoulder is a larger area, we recommend the cyclopad for optimum benefit. 

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