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Handheld massage unit

5 steps selectable treatment time : 6 - 30 mins 

5 vibration intensity steps

Made in Australia

220V AC

1 year warranty

Self install and use - user video available

Niagara 3D Cyclo Therapy Hand Unit

  • Suitable for Sports Therapy, Runners and Athletes. FDA Certified product.

    The Niagara CVT Hand Unit is a highly portable therapy tool used to provide relief and treatment into isolated problem areas. Whether it is for your hands, knees or feet, the Niagara Hand Unit is often used in conjunction with other Niagara Devices to provide more versatile CVT treatment options.

    • Reduces musculoskeletal pain.
    • Increases local area blood flow.
    • Increases joint mobilisation.
    • Reduces excess oedema (Swelling) whether the cause is vascular or lymphatic
    • Results may vary.
  • Shipping dimensions: 380L x 180W x 110D (mm)

    Shippping weight:  1.7 kg

    Unit weight: 820 gms

    Approx delivery time : 10 days

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