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Simple to use. 

lymphedema is swelling of body areas caused by accumulation of fluid. It most commonly affects the limbs - arms and legs. Often this can be a chronic condition after a surgery, especially after removing lymph glands. It often needs constant treatment. 


Niagara Cyclo Therapy devices are approved for treatment of lymphedema. Starting at 20 mins twice a day at home, this could bring you relief. Niagara products are approved by all leading agencies like FDA, CE, HSA etc. and supported by clinical evidence to treat edema. These are built in Australia and can withstand years of use. 

Try without any obligation:

Don't take our word for it - Call us 6592 7008 or send a request here for a no obligation free demo.

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Gentle and effective

How it works

The Niagara Cyclo Therapy products have a 3D suspension in a circular movement. This type of suspension improves upon the action of a single-plane vibration by adding additional dimensions of motion, causing the energy to penetrate gently and deeply into the body. 

< See 3D CVT motor in action - the contents move in a circular pathway when held against a Niagara handheld. This movement ensures your tissues do not suffer any trauma during treatment. 

Common questions:

Q: Why this will work for me? I have tried many therapies and still not been able to get rid of my swelling. How can I be sure Niagara will work?

A: You can try the product without any obligations and experience the benefits first hand. Do remember, Chronic edema can take longer time use to yield results. Just fill this form here.


Q: Safety: Is Niagara treatment safe?

A: Niagara is a medical product, duly certified by FDA USA and HSA Singapore. These certificates are issued after thorough safety evaluation by government bodies. This is to assure the user the product is safe for human use.

Q: What other therapies I can use it for: What are the conditions Niagara is approved to treat?

A: Niagara CVT products are also approved to treat musculo-skeletal pain, to improve joint mobilization & local area blood flow. Its a good treatment for overall wellness as it helps circulation, especially as we age

Q: Short term use: Is there a way I can use the product for a limited time and return it?

A: Yes. We have rental arrangements as well. Please send us a request by filling this form

Q: Which product: It seems you have two products. Which one is suitable to for edema?

A: Typically we recommend the pad. Often, depending on the condition you may need to use both devices - handheld unit and the pad - to yield best results. Talk to our experts for which is better for you.


Q: Is Niagara expensive? 

A. Our products typically last well beyond warranty and we have good performance record.  Considering its useful life - it can cost you about $ 1.25 a day (Please write to us for detailed calculation as to how we derive this) .

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