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Knee pain treatment with Niagara

Knee pain can occur due to many reasons including injury, arthritis or inflammation due accumulation of fluids. 


Treat your chronic knee pain today with Niagara Hand-Unit.

These products are approved by all leading agencies like FDA, CE, HSA etc. and supported by clinical evidence to treat musculo skeletal pain and edema. These are built in Australia and can withstand years of use. 

3D Technology
Effective & Proven Technology

Try our Niagara Cyclo Therapy at home, 20 mins, twice a day. Niagara Handunit is ideal for knee pain treatment with its proven 3D technology - imparting a gentle, targeted massage to affected area.

Try without any obligation:

Don't take our word for it - Call us 6592 7008 or send a request here for a no obligation free trial.

How it works

The Niagara Cyclo Therapy products have a 3D suspension in a circular movement. This type of suspension improves upon the action of a single-plane vibration by adding additional dimensions of motion, causing the energy to penetrate gently and deeply into the body. 

See 3D CVT motor in action - the contents move in a circular pathway when held against a Niagara handheld. This movement ensures your tissues do not suffer any trauma during treatment. 

Common questions:

Q: Why this will work for me? I have tried many therapies and still not been able to get rid of my knee pain. How can I be sure Niagara will work?

A: You can try the product without any obligations and experience the benefits first hand. Just fill this form here.


Q: Safety: Is Niagara treatment safe?

A: Niagara is a medical product, duly certified by FDA USA and HSA Singapore. These certificates are issued after thorough safety evaluation by government bodies. This is to assure the user the product is safe for human use.

Q: What Therapies: What are the conditions Niagara is approved to treat?

A: Niagara CVT products are approved to treat musculo-skeletal pain, to improve joint mobilization & local area blood flow, and to treat chronic edema. Knee pain conditions typically fall under musculo-skeletal pains and joint mobilisation.

Q: Short term use: Is there a way I can use the product for a limited time and return it?

A: Yes. We have rental arrangements as well. Please send us a request by filling this form

Q: Which product: It seems you have two products. Which one is suitable to treat knee pain?

A: If you are able to walk and are able to reach your knees while sitting on a chair or bed, we recommend the CVT Hand Unit for targeted knee treatment. If you are not able to reach your knees while on a chair or bed, you can try the CVT Cyclopad. 

Read User Reviews from facebook

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S. Ong via Facebook:
Great product with excellent service. The Cyclopad and Hand Unit has proven to be very useful to relieve aches as well as to provide relaxation. The products have greatly improved my grandmother's and father's rheumatism and they feel more at ease when moving about now. Additionally, the customer service was beyond excellent as one of the staff members personally came to deliver the products and even explained the uses of each function as well as the best ways the make use of them.

I am very happy with my purchase and thus I strongly recommend it.

R Sriraman via FaceBook: 

The CVT Handheld unit from Sprint Medical is an amazing product ! I have been suffering with Ortho-Arthritis on both my knees, resulting in extreme pain around the knees, legs, thighs etc. Walking was a major effort. Sprint Medical did a demo of CVT . All of 25 minutes. I experienced an immediate reduction in pain. Used it for few days and then placed the order for a new unit. Now I go walking without fear of pain. Body feels working in unison now !

I strongly recommend this product.

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