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Working from Home

3D CycloPad


Working from home?

improve circulation while you work

How can we help?

Working from Home

While getting used to working from home, we should not forget the new challenges of maintaining proper posture and keep circulation going. Lack of office routine adds complexity to your quest for staying fit.

While regular exercise can improve circulation, often other priorities take over or we just feel lazy! Niagara offers a clinically proven solution to improve circulation while you work at home. 

Contact us to enroll into our corporate program today. As part of the program,

  • Your company will receive bulk discount on our products.

  • Get assessed free for your posture with a consultation at a certified clinic.

  • Talk to your HR today for enrollment.

Is Niagara right for you?

Couple on a Run

You can consider Niagara for following:

  • Circulation treatment due to inactivity, injury or other causes 

  • Sports injury

  • Edema or swelling treatment

  • Joints pain or back pain

Regulatory approved in Singapore by HSA

Approved for treatment of: 

  • Local area blood flow

  • Joint mobilization

  • Chronic Edema

  • Musculo Skeletal pain

3D CycloPad
3D HandHeld

What is Niagara and how does it work?

Why Niagara is effective

The Niagara Cyclo-Massage units (pad and handheld) have a 3D suspension in a circular movement. This type of suspension can help massaging action penetrate gently and deeply into the body. 

This is different from  generic massage devices that mainly have a hammering movement.

See how the seeds move in circular motion when in contact with a Niagara hand unit.

CVT technology

Niagara vibration

Generic  massagers


Doppler scan of foot showing increase in blood flow after treatment by Niagara.


Work from home: Hear from B K Sinha, Singapore on how he benefitted from Niagara

Sports application: listen to Michael Braun, Australian football star about his experience with Niagara.

For parents: Its for aching body generally and because it has the heat function, it is especially useful to help for sleep at night. It had been years since in use, say at least 10-15 years.

- TAC  Singapore

How to use Niagara?

lower back pain massage

Put the pad behind you in a chair for lower back treatment

knee leg pain massage

For knees, legs and hips put the pad under your upper leg and thighs. You can lie down as well

face blood circulation massage

Use hand unit with the special attachment for facial circulation


Gently massage the shoulder and neck area with the handheld unit

Who else uses Niagara internationally?

Sports personalities

  • David Sawtell, Para Long Drive champion

  • Michael Braun, Footballer

  • Australian Institute Of Sport, Canberra 

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Australian Defence Force, Sydney Australia

  • Taranaki Base Hospital, Plymouth NZ

Leading hospitals

  • NHS Hospitals UK

  • Sydney University Medical department

  • Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney

  • Taipei Veterans Hospital

  • Taipei Medical University Hospital

  • Hong Kong Orthopaedic and Spine Centre

  • Nanjing Gulou Hospital. China

Who is Niagara?

Niagara assmebly line in Australia

Niagara is one of Australia’s largest medical device manufacturers and a leading brand with over 50 years trading. Products are all approved medical devices manufactured to the highest standards in Australia, The products are also approved for sale in Singapore by HSA and come with a local manufacturers warranty.

Hear about Niagara's 50 year history in pain therapy
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